Eugene Emeralds

Eugene Emeralds needed to find a way to refresh their brand and encourage fans to come out and share in the fun. Through our research we discovered there are many reasons to go to Emeralds baseball games. For most fans, the game of baseball itself isn’t #1 on the list. They go because they enjoy the entire experience: the warm summer evenings, the hot dogs and beer, the antics of the mascot, the crazy on-field promotions, and a family-friendly place to hang out with friends. Our 2011 campaign, asking “Why are you a fan?” played on this insight. The 2012 campaign further built on the 2011 campaign, focusing on the “craziness” in the ballpark. The tagline for 2012 was “It’s not crazy. It’s Emeralds Baseball.”

Work: Advertising development and design for print, online, outdoor, transit, radio and TV; media planning

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